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The Tank

16 March 2010

Now, I admit that when I younger I liked Pharrell Williams. I liked his music. I often found it to be experimental at a time when R ‘n’ B music was becoming increasingly  commercial and mainstream. It was all becoming to sound the same. In the music industry he was considered to be a talented rapper and producer. I agreed, But then I grew out of R ‘n’ B and Pharrell Williams. However, those in the music industry still laud him as one of the best.

So now imagine my horror when I saw this monstrosity.

And now imagine my shock when I find out who designed it. Yep, you guessed it.

Now, my question is this: why are celebrities allowed to do this? This chair is obviously hideous. Why is he being allowed to unleash it on to us? Why do people, particularly our ‘celebs’ not realise the bounds of their talents? Maybe I’m being cynical but it really seems to be that he is able to design and exhibit this simply because he is famous and he has the money. And that’s what’s really frustrating because there are so many truly talented designers out there who are struggling to get things made and promote them properly because they just don’t have the funding.

So here’s a tip Gallerie Emmanuel Perrotin: why not fund and showcase some real talent?