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Sovereignty and security? No, we care more about footballers.

23 February 2010

I am amazed at how quickly the supposed “diplomatic row” brewing between Israel and Britain has blown over. If anything it seems that it never amounted to much in the first place. Lest you have forgotten, this is the case of the forged British passports by  (widely believed to be) the Israeli secret service agents to assassinate the Hamas official. In fact I wouldn’t blame you if you have forgotten entirely considering the amount of coverage this has received in the media lately. I am intrigued by how few column inches this important story is getting; after all isn’t it fair to say that this fiasco strikes at the heart of our sovereignty and security? Importantly, given the media’s tendency of muslim bashing, would this still have been the case if the roles were reversed and the group of assassins in question were of an Islamic background and the target an Israeli? Now, call me biased, but I fear not. I’d like to know more about what David Milliband is doing about this and for the media to report it. For now it seems that Israel’s ambassador has been “unable to assist” and the media is far more concerned with Cheryl Cole finally dumping Ashley Cole.


Funny or offensive? You decide.

11 February 2010

Image taken from Liberal Conspiracy

An interview with a vampire. No politician. Same thing.

4 February 2010

Very excited about interviewing George Galloway this morning! Interestingly everyone I have spoken to about him all think he is a real loss to mainstream UK politics and someone who has been thoroughly misrepresented by the British media. As a certain architect I work with put it: “I really think the media has f**ked him over”.

Listening to him, I found myself agreeing with pretty much all of George Galloway’s politics. An outspoken socialist, a passionate opposer of the two wars we have bound ourselves in and a relentless critic of imperialism, I really felt he brought something unique to our political system. A couple of Gallowayisms. When asked by his office assistant if he had tried the peppermint tea he was sent from Syria, he looked at me and quipped: I don’t eat or drink anything anyone sends me; they could be sending it out of the goodness of their heart or trying to kill him. Wise or extremely paranoid, I asked. You can be the judge of that, the experience politician retorted. Not about to fall into that trap, I changed the subject and thanked him for meeting me instead! Later explaining to me why he hates British imperialism, he says “when I was young, I once went to my grandfather and said the teacher at school was saying that the British had an empire on which the sun never set, to which my grandfather replied “that’s because God would never trust the British in the dark”!”  Sharp wit ran in the family it seems.

A fuller report on the interview to follow soon.

In the mean time here is a video of that memorable bollocking he gave the US Senate.